Bookmaker Insider Day 47

18th December 2013


Sgt Liam – Reviews Bookmaker Insider

Welcome to day 47 of my review.  Just 2 races notified today.   

Results for Dec 17th.

The email arrived at 10.30 & contained a comprehensive review of the  best races of the day to be betting on ( according to B.I. ), with an explanation for each of the selections, the recommended stake & the recommended bookie & price.

I checked  Oddschecker & got the best price i could for each selection at the recommended stake.


S 2.30 H/Turn              2pt Win         P/Power           2.75

C 2.10 M/Elf                 2pt Win         B/Victor            5.50



1.   best price           P/Power         2.75             LOST

2.   ”          ”              B/Victor          5.50             LOST


Total Points Staked     =     4.0

Return                         =     NIL*   

Profit/Loss ( day)         =  -4.0 pts 

* After any Deductions


Starting Bank                        100 pts

Profit/Loss ( Total )             -23.50 pts

Bank after 47 days              77.50 pts 


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Liam Reviews Bookmaker Insider