CB Sports Investments Day 56

1st October 2013


Sgt Liam – Reviews CB Sports Investments

Welcome to day 56 results.

Results for October 1st.

The email arrived at 10.00am & contained the selections for the day, the recommended number of points to stake & the recommended bookmaker & odds. All bets took just 5 minutes to place at the best odds available. These didn’t differ greatly from those in the email. If better prices were available on betfair then i took those. This is the email:


Today we have one Horse Racing selection.

4.15 CHEPSTOW, THE NEPHEW, 2PT WIN @ 2.64 Betfair.
1. T/Nephew         achieved        Betfair           2.64       LOST

Total points staked=  2.0

Return=       NIL*

Profit/Loss=  -2.00 pts

* after commission


Starting Bank                           100 points

Profit/Loss(Total)                 -28.43 points

Bank after 56 days                71.57 points


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Liam Reviews CB Sports Investments