Football Mania Introduction

9th November 2016

Football Mania


Sgt Jon – Introduces Football Mania

Welcome to a new football tipping service review being promoted by the respected Betfan portal.
I have carried out many reviews for BST and have returned to the reviewing team after a 2.5 year absence.

Football Mania is a tipping service where subscribers receive email tips whenever the author has identified a suitable match and bet type. The service is priced at £48 per month or £199 for the season which puts it in the upper price range but at least all the work is done for you and you don’t require any in depth knowledge of football although you should be familiar with the different markets such as overs and unders, asian handicaps etc.

The sales page explains the service as follows:

“Football Mania is a refreshing new service that has been released to grant its members with the very best quality football tips from around the European Soccer Leagues. Whilst Football Mania maybe new to the betting public I have been using a very powerful system to make substantial profits from football betting for many years with my main focus on the major European Leagues.

With the 2016/2017 football season there’s never been a better time to start sharing my selections with football betting fans across the globe. If you want to see some serious profits from the beautiful game I know you’re going to love this unique and exciting service. The payouts my system can deliver on a regular basis are no less than extraordinary and once experienced you’ll want me to advise you for a very, very long time.”

Of course all tipsters make bold promises as part of their sales pitch and it will be interesting to see if these are upheld during the three month review.  The author goes on to say his tips have generated an impressive 388 points profit in the last two seasons (2014/15 and 2015/16) which at £100 per point would have given you an average of £19,400 profit per year. I’m not sure most people would jump in at £100 stakes but even at £10 stakes this would generate a very useful second income of £1,940 average per year and, of course, all tax free.  However, this is before deducting the monthly or season long subscription.

No information is given about total bets made or strike rate so it is impossible to know the Return on Investment. However Football Mania has been proofed by Betfan and therefore I am inclined to accept the profit claims at face value. Subscribers receive a daily email advising the bets to be made and the recommended staking:

Staking Plan:

The author recommends operating a 200 Point bank (£2,000 Bank would give you £10 a point) and the service will be betting on a 1-5 Staking Plan with 5 being a Maximum Bet. Each bet advised will tell you exactly how many points to stake on it. NOTE: Usual Staked Bets are 3 Points Bets.

The author also recommends subscribers have as many Bookmaker accounts as possible to obtain best available Odds. For the purpose of the review, I will use the bookmaker recommended with the tips and include in the daily results. I will also post a rolling strike rate and daily profit/loss total and new bank total.

I hope to post results every two to three days as my other commitments permit and let’s hope Football Mania lives up to its promise.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Jon Introduces Football Mania