Football Money Maker – Method 1 Review Week 8

23rd April 2018






Sgt Mack Reviews Football Money Maker – Method 1

Please note that due to the shortage of matches using Method 1 I have also incorporated Method 1 B into this review as well.

Total bets were 64 with 4 losses giving us a 93.75% strike rate. This week I took the Wednesday off and as always the Sunday. It was my birthday on the Friday but I still managed to do 12 matches. Saturday’s matches were well over 25 selections but as always I STOP at 25 which were all using Method 1. We only lost one match from the 25 on Saturday which was the Watford vs Crystal Palace game. Still it’s going in the right direction with the 8th straight week where it’s made a profit.

Here are the results: In brackets is the total figure

TOTAL MATCHES:  64  (528)

TOTAL WINS:  60  (496)

TOTAL LOSSES:  4  (32)

STRIKE RATE:  93.75%  (93.93%)


PROFIT/LOSS:  +£11.80  (+£79.01)

NEW BANK:  £179.01

NEW 10% STAKE:  £17.90  This figure is always rounded downwards.

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Sgt Mack Reviews Football Money Maker – Method 1