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Note From Admin

Plenty of you have shown an interest in this product which should be on the money. We will give it a 1 month review. I Don’t believe 1 month will be enough especially as we are into that transitional period that many talk about. I myself believe that horse racing is affected by the season changeover so we will see. This is a backing Horse Racing system.

Without a bot you have to sit at the screen with this system, The Results on the site are given to BSP. The Review will be based on selections being picked at approximately 20 seconds before the off. Because of the nature of the system you couldn’t actually place bets at BSP and be 100% sure that selections are in fact selections. IF certain selections are close to a certain price you would need to manually place the bets before the off to make sure.

David, a Regular reader on the Blog has volunteered to run the review of the system. I’ll pass the review now over to David.

Hi Fellow Bloggers,

My name is David call me Dave if you wish, i was given the Formula2win to study by James and i agreed to review it. So who am i, well i am a 50 year old english guy living abroad at the moment and yes i miss the old mother country. I have followed horseracing since i was 8 years old, both my father and grandfather were both into punting, first major coup was L’Escargot in the National even though i was underage my father placed all my pocket money for several weeks on it from 33/1 down. I have a college degree in Business Studies, calculation and accounts was my specialist subject(Although James will probably disagree with this the number of tImes i have adjusted figures on F2W). I will do an honest review try to keep it simple and to the point although if i can find any extra edges to it i will.

On to Formula2Win its a numbers based system involving dutching, there is selection process to find the initial qualifying races, as James said it does involve spending alot of time at the computer. Now the way i approach the day i look at the Sporting Life racecards write down the initial qualifying races this helps to plan your time. On the start of racing i bring up the excel worksheet ready, also i downloaded free a pc clock that shows seconds and replaced
the windows one. I start to input information at least 5 minutes before the official race time why because if the resulting figures were so bad there is no chance of it being a qualifier you can move on to another race or if there was a gap in time take a break. After 4 days i can almost now tell if a race will qualify without inputting info. On the systems website it claims a 79% strike rate if it achieves this during the trial it will make a profit, based on current data i have it needs just under 65% to break even. All i can say we had a few hiccups in the first few days but Michael and Steve were quick to reply to James and my questions so that is a good news. If anyone has any questions i will do my best to answer them, lets hope for a profitable review.

Best Regards

End of Review Summary – by David Bryant

Hi Bloggers

Apologies for the lateness of my final thoughts on Formula 2 Win this was due to family illness , of course F2W had to fail it lost over 75 points in a month and i will list the final stats below for the review which commenced on October 8th and finished on November 7th.

241 Qualifying Races – 153 winners = 63.49% Strike Rate

but in reality this is

723 selections – 153 winners = 21.16% Strike Rate

Average price of winner 4.29

Loss of 75.81 points to 1 point level stakes

As you can see there is far to many selections and the true strike rate balanced with the average price of winner meant the system had no chance. I always felt that the system was unfinished yes there is filters for the number of runners,types of races and minimum rating to be achieved from the betting market, one area is vacant what about the horses themselves?. I am not going to drown you in figures but if you took just Handicaps(excluding nurseries) the loss would have been 43.5 points thats an improvement of 32 points. Now for the horses themselves if you eliminated any horse who was not placed in the first six last time out the loss for the system on the months trial would be only 14.7 points. Now i know some of you were interested in my heavily filtered version so here are the results for this below.

98 Qualifying Races -55 Winners = 56.18% Strike Rate

but in reality this is

192 Selections -55 Winners = 28.32% Strike Rate

Average Price of Winner 4.51

Profit of 49.58 points to 1 point level stakes

It was not as good as i hoped but anyway it shows a profit and this week it is the profit stands at 52.84 points thats an increase of 3.26 points after Saturday despite a loss on the last 2 days. With this approach sometimes you have only a single bet, other times you are dutching, as said before as i was monitoring the system live i spotted several areas for improvement and it is these that i have encompassed. To roundup the original F2W had to many bets, quite alot of races had horses going off under 3.00 so you were losing money if these won and in the area it is focusing on the Betfair market there are plenty of systems that track individual price movements of horses which is a far better approach. In conclusion this kind of system has to produce regular profits for the amount of time you are expected to spend at your PC and it certainly did not deliver in this department. Happy punting!

Best Regards


Note From Admin

Yet another Casualty on the blog. I’d like to thank David for testing the system for 1 month. Again i would like to stress that 1 month is not long enough with any system really to test but the reviewer can get a good feel for the system and rules in one month and is then capable of giving their opinion on the service/ebook. This is what this blog is all about opinions. Thanks!

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