GG Lays Day 52 and 53

14th April 2014

 GG Lays

Sgt AdrianC Reviews GG Lays

A betting bank of 50 points is advised for this service.  I have set aside £5,000 to review this service and I shall lay a level stake £100 for each tip as all bets are based on 1pt liability per selection.  This is similar to what is shown on the historic bets from the web site.  Commission rate on Betfair winnings = 5%

13th April

No selection

14th April 

Pontefract 4.10 Al Senad +95

Max odds 5.0 BSP

Cummulative Loss  £2337


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt AdrianC Reviews GG Lays