GreatBets Introduction

3rd November 2016



Sgt Colin – Introduces GreatBets

GreatBets is a straightforward tipster service, offering bets on sports, primarily Horse Racing, Football and Tennis. It is operated by “Martin” who describes himself as a sports enthusiast, and the service has been running since March. The service aims to provide “selections that win a lot of the time and make profit on consistent basis”.

Bets are delivered daily by email, and are posted on a members only website, which also shows past results.

It isn’t a cheap service by any measure, with monthly subscriptions of £99, although an annual subscription is reduced to £849. There is an initial 7 day free trial on offer.

Starting with a 1000 point bank and using standard stakes of 10 points per bet, I will be monitoring results, using a mixture of advised prices (where I can validate them) and Betfair SP. Historically, results have been consistently profitable as per the website – lets hope they will continue to be so during this review.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see GreatBets]


Sgt Colin Introduces GreatBets