Odds On Ron – Day 84

9 January 2013

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with the final update on the performance of the Odds On Ron system.

I initially started with a bank of 100 points, staking 1 point per selection (using level stakes) and aiming to return c4 points per day (using the staking plan). After 83 days we were  4.4 points down to level stakes, but UP 224.6 points using the advised staking plan.

Day 84 – 7th January

6 selections today, with the first and 3rd horses placed – the latter at odds against. We stopped at a winner for the fixed odds selections, but continued using the staking plan – closing with a  losing run of 11 selections.


Final results are:

Staking Plan:  Initial bank 100  Total Staked 1871 points Profit 174.3 points  Closing Bank 274.3 ROI 9.3%

Level Stakes: Initial bank 100 Total staked 388 points Loss 6.9 points Closing Bank 93.1  ROI -2%

We achieved a 18% hit rate on win bets (48 wins), and 46% of selections either placed (or won).


I will be publishing my final review, and opinions, during the next week


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Sgt Colin reviews Odds On Ron