Odds On Ron – Days 61 to 64

23rd November 2012

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with the latest update on the performance of the Odds On Ron system.

I initially started with a bank of 100 points, staking 1 point per selection (using level stakes) and aiming to return c4 points per day (using the staking plan). After 60 days we were ahead by 8.3 points to level stakes, and 164.7 points using the advised staking plan.

Day 61 – 19th November

There were 5 selections today. The first 3 all came third, with only the last of these counting as a “place” win, at odds against. I therefore “stopped at a winner” to level stakes, but continued using the staking plan. The next horse won at 7.64, so we had a good day using the Plan, gaining 10.3 points, whilst we lost 3.9 points to level stakes.

Day 62 – 20th November

4 selections today. The first came 4th, but we had a winner with our 2nd selection, gaining 3.2 points using level stakes and 4.2 points using the staking plan.

Day 63 – 22nd November

Couldn’t make any selections on 21st, and there was only 1 selection today, which came 2nd. A small loss on both plans.

Day 64 – 23rd November

4 selections today. The 2nd & 3rd horses placed, the latter at odds against. 2.2 points lost using level stakes, 5.2 points lost using the staking plan.

Staking Plan:  Initial bank 100  Total Staked 980 points Profit 173.5 points  Closing Bank 273.5 ROI 18%

Level Stakes: Initial bank 100 Total staked 283 points Profit 4.9 points Closing Bank 104.9  ROI 2%

We have achieved a 20% hit rate on win bets (38 wins), and 47% of selections have placed (or won). The early gains made on the trial on level staking have now virtually gone, but the wins have been frequent enough to keep the staking plan results at healthy levels.

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Sgt Colin reviews Odds On Ron