Odds On Ron – Days 79 to 81

2 January 2013

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with the latest update on the performance of the Odds On Ron system.

I initially started with a bank of 100 points, staking 1 point per selection (using level stakes) and aiming to return c4 points per day (using the staking plan). After 78 days we were  7.7 points down to level stakes, but UP 167.9 points using the advised staking plan.

Day 79 – 26th December

The run up to Christmas meant that Boxing Day was the next day I could make selections. With plenty of racing going on, we made 12 selections, but none of them came in first. Having said that, 5 were placed, including the 2nd & 3rd races. The latter was at odds against in the Place market, so we “stopped at a winner” using level stakes. Not a good day using the staking plan, the bank was down to 215.5 points.

Day 80 – 31st December

11 more selections today. Using staking Plan I restricted the win target to 40 points in order to keep stakes at sensible levels. The first selection came 3rd at place odds of 2.9, so we stopped at a winner for level stakes betting. The 5th selection was a winner in a 4 horse race at odds of 6.6, generating 42.6 points profit, but we continued to target 40 points profit with the next selection (as we needed to recover losses from earlier days). Having suffered a 16 race losing run, we had a 2nd successive winner – and this was at the juicy odds of 11.71, having been selected at much shorter odds. A massive gain of 106.4 points on one race! We stopped at this winner, but in the event there were 2 more winners from later selections.

Day 81 – 1st January

A massive 14 selections on New Year’s Day. The first 2 selections were running simultaneously – and the first of these was a winner @ 9.6. We stopped at that point (a good move as none of the remaining selections won!)


Updated results are:

Staking Plan:  Initial bank 100  Total Staked 1743 points Profit 230.3 points  Closing Bank 330.3 ROI 13%

Level Stakes: Initial bank 100 Total staked 369 points Loss 0.6 points Closing Bank 99.4  ROI -0%

We have achieved a 18% hit rate on win bets (47 wins), and 47% of selections have placed (or won).

Only 2 days after today – so whatever happens now we are bound to end with a positive performance using the staking plan. It would be good to end on a positive figure using level stakes too.

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Sgt Colin reviews Odds On Ron