Place 4 Profits Introduction

18th November 2013

Place 4 Profits 

Sgt Lucian Introduces Place 4 Profits

Here is my second review of a WIN! Network managed service. Place 4 Profits is a tipping service provided by Nick. 

From the name is clear that the service provide only place bets. The explications  – “The answer is the “Place Only” bet because you simply only have to find a horse to make the frame. Much, much easier than finding winners and with our insider knowledge and a mathematical edge it betting becomes a whole new ball game!”

So if you consider to buy a subscription for this service first you must have accounts on bookies with place markets. Tips are send via email daily. Also can be checked online.

Subscription options for Place 4 Profit membership are one week at £12, one month at £36 or a full three months at £69.


Simple facts here – each bet 10 points. Recommended  bank is 200 or 300 points banks.  We will go for 300 points starting bank.  The odds will be Place Betfair Starting Price.

From the proofing page the results looks like this : over 80 points profits per month.

We will go for initial review period of 56 days with an extension to 84 days in good situation.


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Place 4 Profits]


Sgt Lucian Introduces Place 4 Profits