Profit Maximiser Week 2

8th December 2014



Sgt Colin – Reviews Profit Maximiser

Hello all, this is my review of the second week of operating the Profit Maximiser service.

Just over 2 weeks in now, and still following the suggested approach, which was to concentrate on the bookmaker offers and in particular the new account offers.

So after a week, I had opened 6 new bookmaker accounts, plus an exchange account, and had completed the bonus offers on 3 of them. These generated £28.43 from £45 invested. The incomplete offers were £17.83 ahead, with the potential to gain more, and I was £4.65 up from existing accounts. Just shy of £51 up.

This week has been more active, with the first week’s opening bonuses coming in. I now have 10 new accounts, plus 3 new exchanges – and have been able to utilise a number of follow up bonuses with new and existing accounts. The best “result” so far was an £18 gain on the Bet365 4/1 winner offer (with almost no opening risk), but the real gains have come from the opening offers. As things stand, I am £218 up after 2 weeks – but have had to teem and lade between accounts to fund the offers. More profits should be forthcoming from the bets currently in place, and I’ve been able to reduce the number of errors made. However, still learning – especially dont try too many things at once, or bet under time pressure. Crouch scoring in the first minute v Arsenal left me exposed by £10 for example.

This is pretty time consuming though – and nowhere near as easy as receiving a tip and backing or laying it. Satisfying when it goes well though!

Opening bank: £750

Gain to date: £212.98

Closing bank: £962.98

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Colin Reviews Profit Maximiser