Profit Maximiser Week 3

17th December 2014



Sgt Colin – Reviews Profit Maximiser

Hello all, this is my review of the third week  (and a bit) of operating the Profit Maximiser service (PM).

Still following the suggested approach, which is to concentrate on the bookmaker offers and in particular the new account offers. However, this week, we seem to have been inundated with ongoing offers.

So after 2 weeks I had opened 10 new bookmaker accounts, plus 3 exchange accounts, and was £218 up. In the real world, I have been able to take up many more offers than we could fund from my opening bank. In truth, I have input around £500 (even taking into account withdrawals) at various points. Therefore, I have adjusted the opening bank to £1000 in order to more properly reflect the review performance. I have found that a lower initial funding restricts the number of offers available to use, especially in respect of laying off the risk. There are reports from PM members who started small, with virtually no funds, and worked their way up – so it would just take time.

Well as things stand I have made the staggering sum of £580 – although this is held within bookmaker accounts at present. Of this £282 is from opening offers, so the majority has come from ongoing offers. I’ve split these into 2 – free bet and speculative (such as “money back if 2nd”). The former have been most lucrative,£260 up,  but take time and effort to comply with. The speculative offers have been profitable to date too.

This is pretty time consuming  – and nowhere near as easy as receiving a tip and backing or laying it. It will be interesting to see how things go from here, now almost all of the start up bookie bonuses are banked

Opening bank: £1000

Gain to date: £580

Closing bank: £1580

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Colin Reviews Profit Maximiser