Soccer4mula Day 39 to 41

13th April 2014


Sgt Colin Reviews Soccer4mula

With a negative bank after 30 days, we were effectively “bust” – but we’ve decided to keep monitoring.

11th of April saw 2 sets of Lucky 15 selections, one a conservative selection & one more speculative. Only 2 single winners – so 21.4 points lost

12th  again saw 2 sets of Lucky 15 selections, both with a conservative approach. Two short priced doubles were again not good enough to generate a profit, 16.6 points down on the day.

Today (13th) had two more sets of selections which would have generated high returns had they come in. However, we again had two single wins, again losing 21.4 points.

Opening Bank:   250

Stakes :  1185 points

Loss:  -349 points

Closing Bank: -99.0 points

Note that again placing single bets on the selections made so far, with the strike rate at 32%, would have lost 37.7  points from 317 points staked. The loss over 2 days would have been 6.2 points from 24 points staked.

Thank you for your time

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Sgt Colin Reviews Soccer4mula