Soccer4mula Days 55 to 56

29th April 2014


Sgt Colin Reviews Soccer4mula


With a negative bank after 30 days, we were effectively “bust” – but we’ve decided to keep monitoring. These are the last 2 days of the trial though.

WIN and Betfan services were hit by a hacking attack, so the selections for 27th & 28th were not received by e-mail. They would have been available to subscribers on the website though. 

And what would you know, on the first day we don’t receive e-mails, we had two trebles. Back to the more consistent “conservative” selections, so the trebles were @ 26/1 and a 21/2. A nice healthy 68.1 points profit

and we end with another successful day. another treble (38/1!) and a double gives us a 65.5 point gain on the day.

I was able to check my results to the proofing service provided by WIN, and identified a punching error in my results spreadsheet, which had resulted in my historically reported  figures being slightly better than they should have been. 

So despite the happy ending, the service lost a considerable number of points over the 8 weeks of the trial. A final summary will be published shortly

Opening Bank:   250

Stakes :  1635 points

Loss:  –  320.86 points

Closing Bank: -70.87 points

Note that again placing single bets on the selections made, with the strike rate at 33%, would have lost 50.3  points from  433 points staked. 

Thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed the review

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Sgt Colin Reviews Soccer4mula