Sporting Addicts Week 11

25 May 2014

Sporting Addicts

Sgt Colin Reviews Sporting Addicts

Hi all

Here are the results of the eleventh week’s selections

4 tennis bets during the  week ended 18th May

The first was a 5 point treble, where none of the selections won (a 25/1 chance!).

The second was a 5 point single @ 11/10, which won.

The third & fourth bets were both 5 point bets, and also came up short.

Recommended staking

Opening Bank : 250    Stakes:   157     Loss :  -87.8  Closing Bank : 162.2

Level stakes

Opening Bank : 100    Stakes:   67    Loss :  44.0   Closing Bank : 56.0

 And into the final week

Thank you for your time.

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Sgt Colin Reviews Sporting Addicts