Sporting Addicts Week 12

26 May 2014

Sporting Addicts

Sgt Colin Reviews Sporting Addicts

Hi all

Here are the results of the twelfth & final week’s selections

6 tennis bets during the  week ended 25th May,  odds ranging from 1.73 to 3.5

30 points staked in total, and for the first time we had a winning week, with 4 winners, generating a net gain of 14.55 points

However, this was well short of the amount required to move the review into positive territory.

Recommended staking

Opening Bank : 250    Stakes:   187     Loss :  -73.23  Closing Bank : 176.77

Level stakes

Opening Bank : 100    Stakes:   73    Loss :  41.4  Closing Bank : 58.6

A pretty abysmal hit rate on these bets, with only 12 winners from 73 selections, the vast majority of which were at odds of between evens & 3/2.

I will be submitting a final review summary shortly.

Thank you for your time.

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Sgt Colin Reviews Sporting Addicts