Sporting Addicts Week 4

1st April 2014

 Sporting Addicts

Sgt Colin Reviews Sporting Addicts

Hi all

Here are the results of the fourth week’s selections

Again only  two betting days this week, with a losing tennis selection (Almagro to beat Isner – 5 points) and 6 golf selections, 3 on the LPGA tour. Two reasonable performances on the men’s tour, but not enough to gain places – and on the Women’s tour there was no joy. Annoyingly, two of last week’s selections came first and second! So no joy at all again this week, and 17 points gone

Recommended staking

Opening Bank : 250    Stakes:   58     Loss :   46.5  Closing Bank : 203.5

Level stakes

Opening Bank : 100    Stakes:   41    Loss :  29.5    Closing Bank : 70.5

So continuing a pretty poor start – with only 2 positive selections out of 41. Hopefully the activity will increase along with the performance improving – as this isn’t an inexpensive service.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Colin Reviews Sporting Addicts