Sporting Addicts Week 6

15th April 

Sporting Addicts

Sgt Colin Reviews Sporting Addicts

Hi all

Here are the results of the sixth week’s selections

Well 3 selections this week. The first was a tennis double paying just over evens – which lost heavily, the second a snooker double selection @ 2.56, which should in all honesty have won – but didn’t, whilst the third was a tennis single at 5/6. At last, a winner – only the third in the whole review from 53 selections.

Recommended staking

Opening Bank : 250    Stakes:   89     Loss :  -68.3  Closing Bank : 181.7

Level stakes

Opening Bank : 100    Stakes:   53    Loss :  39.7    Closing Bank : 60.3

So far, this has been a massively frustrating review –  only 2 weeks to go, and it seems inconceivable that we will end in the black.

Thank you for your time.

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Sgt Colin Reviews Sporting Addicts