TFT Gold, Silver and LTD – Week 1

Hi Bloggers,

I’ve been monitoring matches for the systems since the beginning of October. As I’m concentrating only on top leagues with plenty of liquidity I haven’t had a lot of selections. Besides, there was a break in all major leagues for Euro qualification games. So I’m making only one post for those two calendar weeks. From first experience with the systems I should say a lot, if not all, depends on how well you pick your games and if you’ve ever tried football trading you know it is a tough task.

The results for the period are:

Golden goal:

1.10  Villareal v Zaragoza  +28.5 pts

16.10 Arsenal v Sunderland  +28.5 pts

Silver goal:

1.10 Blackpool v Bristol City  +9.5 pts

2.10 Betis v Levante  -30 pts

2.10 Gijon v Barcelona  -30 pts

2.10 Espanyol v Real Madrid  +9.5 pts

11.10 France v Bosnia & Herzegovina  +9.5 pts

15.10 Moenchengladbach v Leverkusen  +9.5 pts

15.10 Wolfsburg v Nurnberg  +9.5 pts

16.10 Koln v Hannover  +19 pts


1.10 Osasuna v Mallorca  +13.5 pts



Gold  +57 pts
Silver  +6.5 pts
LTD  +13.5 pts

Overall for the week: +77 pts


Running banks:

Gold – 1057 pts (Starting bank – 1000 pts)
Silver – 1006.5 pts (Starting bank – 1000 pts)
LTD – 1013.5 pts (Starting bank – 1000 pts)


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Sgt Magnifique