TFT Gold, Silver and LTD – Week 2

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I had a talk with review manager Rich, who’s conducting the TFT Underdog method review and we decided that all three reviews of TFT strategies should be kept in line with each other as well as following the guidelines in the manual more strictly. Thus, I changed the staking and starting bank compared to Week 1 post, and if you’ve read it you’ll want to read it again so that you understand the changes.

Here are Week 2 results.

Golden goal:

22.10  Liverpool v Norwich  -30 pts

Silver goal:

18.10 Leeds v Coventry +19 pts

19.10 AC Milan v BATE  +9.5 pts

20.10 Rennes v Celtic  +9.5 pts

20.10 Hannover v FC Copenhagen  +9.5 pts

20.10 Tottenham v Rubin Kazan  -30 pts

21.10 Munich 1860 v Paderborn  +19 pts

21.10 Cottbus v Furth +9.5 pts


No bets



Gold  -30 pts
Silver  +46 pts
LTD  no bets

Overall for the week: +16 pts


Running banks:

Gold – 1027 pts (Starting bank – 1000 pts)
Silver – 1052.5 pts (Starting bank – 1000 pts)
LTD – 1013.5 pts (Starting bank – 1000 pts)


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Sgt Magnifique