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THE Edge by Steve Carter……

£29,118 profit in 6 months
Let “The Edge” build your list of Golden Horses

In the six months of the last flat season (May to early Nov) this system made a profit of £29,118 to level stakes of £100.

The Edge System operates only on the flat and only in handicap races. There is some superb handicap racing over the next few months and this system will be a great help in making these races profitable for you. Last years profit came from 800 races with 260 winners. An average of 4/5 bets a day and a winner or two on most days plus plenty of action on weekends.

The Author provides a low rate phone line to receive tips each day, There is also a web page with selections on at around 10:30 Am.

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Note from Admin

I will conduct a 1 month Review of this method. If you want to receive the selections for 1 month Free Trial please fill out the form, at the top RIGHT of this page.

The trial will last only until the end of July.


End of Month Summary for Steve Carters “The Edge”

So what is the edge system all about? The Edge system operates only on the flat in handicap races. Basically it highlights horses that are improving faster than their handicap mark.

The system pinpoints horses running in handicaps at potentially false low weights due to their improvement. Having identified these “improvers” it is suggested you back them in up to their next 3 races. Once they have won a race you stop following them as the handicapper will certainly be raising them in the weights. If they do not win within three races you cut them from your list.

The Edge system had supposedly a profit of £29,118 in 6 months during 2008. This was made up by backing in 800 races to a level stake and finding 260 winners. Even betting £10 you could have won nearly £3,000 during last year’s flat season. So far this year The Edge system is showing a profit of 108 points as of the 16th June. I obviously have no results from the 17th June – 30th June but I do hold the results from my own following of the system from 1st July – 31st July.

Cumulative P/L = -47.62 points! (minus)

£10 stakes you would be down £476 this month. So this more or less wiped out half of the authors proclaimed profits in 1 month….

Using the system you can expect to have on average 4 or 5 bets a day and it is unusual not to get at least one winner a day or so he says. During my 1 month trial there was no positive trend to show at all in 31 days..

As you use the system you will be building up a list of horse to follow. However if you purchase The Edge, you can simply log onto Steve’s web page to see the complete current list of horse to follow. This can help you either to compare your list with Steve’s or just to simply use his list to apply the system. This is what I did for 31 days so I know all the selections were true and proper.

For purchasers of The Edge Steve will send out a daily list by telephone or through the Internet telling which qualifiers are running that day. His service will continue until the end of the current flat race season. Also when you buy you will receive a list of the current horses to follow so you can start using the system straight away if you wish.

Another criticism of the system is presumably if you want to continue to receive the updates next year (not if results stay the same for me) there will be a further payment. However, by that time you will either have become practised at finding the horses to follow for yourself or found the system so profitable that you will not mind paying for the further service.


The thinking behind this system appears sound. But it just hasn’t done the business for Steve or us this month. At the authors request I will perform another months review, but for now I have to put the system in Failed Test section. And so means I cannot recommend it based on the results this month. However this does not mean that Steve’s Service “The Edge” will fail through out the whole year. We have only conducted a 1 month review.

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