The Midas Method Day 82

Midas Method


Sgt Howard reviews The Midas Method

Day 82 – 17/01/2013. 


  • Prices are shown in decimals
  • W=Win Price P=Place Price (for Bank 1)
  • BSP W= Betfair Starting Price for the Win Market (for Bank 2)
  • BSP P= Betfair Starting Price for the Place Market (for Bank 2)
  • Betfair Commission will be calculated at 5%
  • 1pt will equal £10 for the review duration.


1.00 Lingfield The Stout Italian BSP W 3.61 BSP P 1.61

3.00 Lingfield Be All Man BSP W 7.20 BSP P 1.82

2.20 Wincanton Webberys Dream BSP W 15.0 BSP P 3.80

6.00 Wolverhampton Great Ormond BSP W 3.02 BSP P 1.41



  • W=Win Bet P=Place Bet

1.00 W Lost P Won

3.00 W Lost P Won

2.20 W Lost P Won

6.00 W Won P Won


Bank 2: Start Balance:   £1000

Today’s P/L:                     £33.26

Running Balance:           £523.82


Bank 1 (Betting to vendors advised stakes) has been wiped out, so I’ll continue with the level stakes Bank 2 until the end of the review.


Sgt Howard reviewing The Midas Method

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