Win Master Pro

01 October 2012

Hi Bloggers

Just to keep you all in the loop. I have put the review on hold until I get a reply to my email on the membership site which was posted on 28th September and said:

” Hi Cappy, Please explain why the results have not been updated since 2nd September – almost four weeks ago! Also why haven’t you amended the profit projections following your decision to change the original staking plan for red races which you claim on the sales website accounts for the 10,000% profits? ”

I guess it’s a case of wait and see….

Red Races Opening Bank: £500

Level stakes: £50 per bet / Staking Plan is % of bank increase in stake after losing bet

Strike Rate: 46% (64/139)

Level Stakes P/L for today:   No bets          Staking Plan P/L for today:  No Bets

Level Stakes Closing Bank:   + £244.28     Staking Plan Closing Bank:  + £114.25

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Sgt Jon