1000 Point System – Final Review


smallfailed Football Betting Tipsters Review Summary

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        After 56 days of reviewing 1000 Point System and despite a 34.44 BFSP winner (29.00 ISP) on the last day still showing losses of 68.32 points at BFSP and 79.13 at ISP  i have to fail this and give it the minimum of 1.5 stars, in fact i could have ended it on Day 54 when the ISP losses were over 100 points and BFSP was at 94.11. I did observe Saturdays  selections another 6 losers so it would now have been on a losing streak of 14 now, talking of losing streaks the longest was 35, followed by by a 23 and 2 lots of 11, as for winning runs the best it could manage was 3 lots of 2 hardly compensates for the losing spell does it?.   You  could say that the system was unlucky it had 57 selections placed 2nd or 3rd out of 176 races left after deducting the 26 winners, but at the end of the day the losing runs and losses are far to great for me to even consider extending a review to 84 days it has to be very close to breakeven or at least showing a small profit plus other factors. Well at 95 pounds for this system a very expensive price for what it has achieved nothing!, the truth is, it  relies on the long shots at 50/1 or even higher on BFSP to make its profit but when it does not get these it is in big trouble and there is not enough steady shorter priced winners to hold it together. There is some logic behind the system but it needs more filters and a bit more research so that it can come up with lesser but stronger selections then just maybe it could be profitable. Here are some facts and figures for your perusal:                                                                       

Selections 202
Winners 26
Strike Rate 12.87%
Longest Winning Run 2 (3 times)
Longest Losing Run 35
P/L on ISP minus 79.13 points
P/L on BFSP minus 68.32 points

                   smallfailed Football Betting Tipsters Review Summary


                         Sgt Dave