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Sgt Rich reviews the 9 Minute System

9 minute system

15th November to 10th February

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My Introduction to the 9 Minute System said:

This isn’t a gambling system and definitely isn’t a system where one makes selections based upon form or past results and then have a punt on a selection. Neither is it a betting strategy that lays out a procedure to follow with skilled application, requiring judgement. So what is it? It’s more an account balancing exercise, based upon mathematics. It uses the medium of horse racing, but the important things are the odds and playing them to make a profit.

I also said that if you followed the maths correctly then a profit is inevitable. This has certainly proved to be the case during the 84 day review period. For Variant One there were occasional very small losses on the day, while waiting for the profit to be realised in the next race on the next day. Variants Two and Three would make small losses until a day was reached when a winner was found. At that point the profit would be greater than Variant One. So whichever Variant you used, you would have made a profit, just as the system predicts.

You NEVER risk the betting bank! Unlike other systems and tips where you have to assign a “bank” that you are willing to lose or see depleted during a bad run. The 9 Minute system NEVER has a losing run and the “bank” is never depleted apart from the small percentage temporary losses as described above on the various variants.

No, the bank is simply a fund you need available to place the back and lay bets. It is the liquidity needed to cover your bets, which are matched so that a net loss is not incurred on each selection. With variant 2 and 3, when the horse is a loser, you lose the Betfair 5% of the stake laid on the horse. This is recovered when you find a winner. So you can go for 20 losing horses before you have lost a total of 1 point. A winner gives you 1 point profit. So you can see this is pretty robust!

With variant 1 you allow for the 5% Betfair commission in your stakes, so lose nothing when you get a losing horse. But when you get a winning horse your gain is less than one point.

Either way, you would have made between 12.45% and 13.42% profit over 84 days without EVER risking any of the “bank”! You could have made this 12 to 13 point profit using a liquidity bank of FAR LESS than 100 points. You simply would have had to transfer funds between the Bookie and Betfair more often to keep enough liquidity in each account.

At the start of the review I had to make a guess of the number of points I should have in the Bookie account and how much in the BetFair account. I guessed at 10 points with the Bookie and 90 points with Betfair. This proved to be pretty accurate as I only had to transfer funds across one way or the other a couple of times in 84 days. But let me say once again this 100 points was never at risk and was never compromised. Every day of the 84, the balances either went up, stayed the same or went down by 0.05 points Betfair commission on a 1 point lay bet.

10 points in the Bookie account allows for 10 consecutive losing horses before a transfer is needed.

90 points in Betfair allows for several consecutive winning horses at odds between 4/1 and 14/1.

The only proviso is that when a winning horse is found you do need to act quickly on the next selected race to find a loser (preferably) so you do need enough funds in Betfair to cover a second lay bet.

That’s basically it! Guaranteed FREE MONEY! With no risk attached to the wager!

A blogger commented that it seemed a lot of work for small returns and the 13% profit does look like chicken-feed. But this is 13% of a nominal 100 points. I reckon you could have made 13 points profit on 4 or 5 points in the Bookie account and maybe 30 points in Betfair. That becomes about 37% profit, again on a liquidity bank that is never dented!

Starts to look more worthwhile. You just would need to transfer money more often and on occasion, maybe quite quickly. You could have funds on your credit card for a quick deposit into the Bookies when needed after a few losing horses and likewise for Betfair after a couple of winning horses.

The slower way to transfer funds is to bet and lay on another market, as I discussed in the newsletter #34 “How to be a mug punter”. After racing, you could perhaps back and lay on the soccer. If you want to bulk up the Bookie account, pick a bet that is fairly certain to win. If you want to transfer funds out of the Bookie account into Betfair, pick a bet that is likely to lose. Take a small loss on the odds differential if necessary and look on that as an interest charge or small taxation on your already won FREE money! Of course the bets can go in an unexpected way, so have your credit card ready for the next day’s racing, just in case!

I hope I have explained all this as clearly as I can without giving away the details of the system, which would not be fair on the vendor and the purchasers.

A quick note on Variant 3 – this limits the liability on the lay bets but does mean there are more races where no selection is found. The profit is only slightly reduced.

As I said in the comments to the Intro to this system, I had already seen a different variant of this on a forum quite a while ago. I’ve been running this in the background for the 84 days, calling it Variant 4. Through the whole of this period it has always been slightly ahead of the three variants and ended on 116.97 points, representing about 25% improvement over Variant 1. This variant makes steady gains in most races and just an occasional slight loss of up to a point when a winning horse is selected.

Although “Variant 4” was freely available in the public domain, so is not “secret”, it will be provided free of charge to purchasers of the 9 Minute System via the links on the Bettingsystemtruths website. Just contact admin with proof of purchase.

Guaranteed, risk-free free money! Yet this system is unpopular with many, or so it seems from comments on this blog!

I’ll try to address some of these opinions made by bloggers:

  • You’ll “get busted” by the Bookie and have your account restricted – not in my experience. I’ve had 147 bets with the Bookie and 21 winners showing a net profit of 1 point with the bookie and requiring a transfer of funds from Betfair to Bookie at one stage. My profile with the Bookie should pretty much be one of a “mug punter”.
  • It takes more than nine minutes – true in my experience. Sometimes you can log onto the race and see a match instantly, in which case it takes about 30 seconds. Other times you have to watch for up to half an hour to find your bet.
  • It only uses one particular Bookie – true
  • The Bookie could withdraw the offer – true, but a reliable friend tells me this offer has currently been running for about 4 years.
  • They could restrict you due to overuse. That’s possible, but I’ve mixed my bets with others with this bookie so that I look like a “mug”.
  • The main part of the system has been around for 2 or 3 years – True – see my Variant 4.
  • Some people will feel “ripped off” when they buy the system – well if you can work out this system yourself – then good for you, if you can’t – is the info worth £67?  I’d seen a free version (variant 4) about a year and a half ago and dismissed it as too complicated, too tricky, etc, based upon mainly misinformed opinions stated by people on a forum. Would I have been happy to pay £67 to have the system clarified with various other variations? Absolutely! How much is £10 per day risk-free guaranteed free money worth?

I think that covers most of the complaints expressed in comments on this review.

If you feel £67 is too much to pay for basic simple info that may have you feeling annoyed and thinking “Doh! why didn’t I think of that loophole?” then absolutely don’t buy the 9 minute system.

Please read my Introduction at the start of this review to read what can go wrong and see my advice about paper-trading until you understand the system. It seems to me that it is easily misunderstood.

There is a cap or upper limit to how much you can make with this system. You are limited to £50 for 1 point. So a 13.42 point profit for Variant 1 would be £671 and for variant 4, 16.97 points would be £848.50. That’s how much you would have made over 84 days.

If you were using a 100 point liquidity fund (risk-free bank) you would have needed £5,000 of available funds. If you’d been prepared to transfer funds more often, you could have made this profit with say the 35 point funds suggested earlier in this review. That would have been about £1,750 funding with more frequent transfers between Bookie and Betfair.

So that’s how you could use £1,750 to make £10 risk-free guaranteed free money each and every day. I work out £10 per day as being about 15% of the national average wage or about 50% of the State Pension!

Someone commented it is a lot of work for small returns. If your local supermarket offered you a free £10 note every day, with no purchase necessary, so long as you popped into the supermarket each day, would you take it most days, or consider it too much hassle?

In my experience this system does need you to be at the computer for a period before each race. I tried getting the bets at lunchtime and sometimes I managed it. But if you select a winner, unless you also had a selection already for the second race, you must be at the computer to get the odds on the second race.

Therefore I think this is only suitable if you are free to watch the odds for the half an hour before each race.

There are days when the profit doesn’t shift on variants 1 to 3, as you can see when you look at my daily reports. Variant 4 usually makes a small profit of a fraction of 1 point on every race. Therefore it requires patience to run this system, waiting for the 1 point or £50  profit to come along after several days of no profit.

If you don’t have the patience to do this, then don’t buy the 9 Minute system.

So this long review has been my attempt to explain the pros and cons of this system. Personally I love it! But I am at my computer almost all racing days, trading, so for me it is a no-brainer that I should pick up this risk-free money. I am however aware that some people hate this system. But I love getting FREE money! I get a buzz every time the Bookie tells me they have given me some money!

Here’s an attempt to work out a rating for the 9 Minute system:

Profitability compared to liquidity needed: 3 stars out of 5 – it is capped to a max of £50 bookie bets needing up to 35 times that to cover the back and lay

Ease of use: 4 stars out of 5 – getting the matched odds is easier than I expected, but does require patience while you watch the odds and also the discipline to leave the race alone if you can’t find the odds.

Risk: 5 stars out of 5 – it is risk-free. I like that! I don’t like high-risk strategies.

Return on investment (ROI): 1 star out of 5. Total invested with the Bookie was 147 points and with Betfair the total liability on all lay bets was approx 7 times that. But they are matched – risk-free, so in this case the ROI is more or less meaningless. The “investment” is never put at risk.

Support and documentation: 4 stars out of 5. The PDF document is clear, but needs careful study to get a full understanding. The author supported me over a question over what to do after a winner. I’ll include his advice in the Variant 4 document available from admin.

Time needed to apply the system: 3 stars out of 5. Each race takes up to 30 minutes and in practice this needs to be the half hour up to the off time.

The average of the above is 3.33 stars, so I am passing this system with a rating of 3.5 stars.

Results for the 84 day review period:

Variant 1

Cumulative P/L:  + 13.42 points


Variant 2

Cumulative P/L:  + 12.60 points


Variant 3

Cumulative P/L:  + 12.45 points


Variant 4 (available from Admin with proof of purchase, via our links)

Cumulative P/L: + 16.97 points


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Sgt Rich- Reviews the 9 Minute System