Analytical Pro Final Review

Analytical Pro

Hi Bloggers

This will be the shortest review ever carried out by me or BST!

I started using the Analytical Pro system last week

I found Analytical Pro was taking around 3 hours every day to run possible selections through the rating filters and that there were still grey areas about whether a horse qualified or not.

I spoke to The Commissioner and e-mailed the author of Analytical Pro to see if he could provide
selections  for us each day as presumably he was using the Analytical Pro system himself.

Erm….no, actually. It transpired that he is not using the system but he knew someone
that might be and he would find out and see if Analytical Pro selections could be mailed to me. He agreed
that the Analytical Pro selection process is very time consuming and said he was working with a programmer
to try and automate selections.

It doesn’t give me much confidence if he is not using the Analytical Pro system himself and therefore
the Commissioner and I have concluded that we should terminate the review.

Purchase of the Analytical Pro e-book is, therefore NOT RECOMMENDED and I have asked that the
system be  categorised in the NEUTRAL section as we simply don’t know if it is a profitable
system or not.


Sgt Jon – Reviewing Analytical Pro