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Auto Bet Wins


Sgt Howard reviews Auto Bet Wins


Auto Bet Wins

Just to recap what Auto Bet Wins  is a  system that is explained on a 26 page PDF created by Toby Maguire.   As in the words of the Author  ”the idea is that you will learn the formula so that you will never look to which horse is favourite for a race again, as you will always have your own favourite”.  You apply the system by manually applying ratings to Horses based on the Auto Bet Wins formula.


It can be purchased by Click Bank for £27.00 (and £5.40 Vat).  There is a 60 day money back guarantee offered according to the vendor.

System requirements

To operate the system you’ll need access to Racing Post Race Cards.  You do not need to be paying a subscription to the Racing Post for the information you will need.  There are no restrictions as to when you apply the system so you could bet just week days or weekends etc.  You could apply this system just using Bookmaker accounts or using just exchanges or both.

As this system requires you to apply ratings to each horse by working through the race cards, it takes a fair bit of operating time.    Because of this operating time it would be impossible to apply these ratings to all races.

Staking Plan and Betting Balance

There is no advised staking plan.

Therefore I decided I would show results using two seperate betting banks of 100 points each.

Betting Bank 1

For Betting Bank 1 Results were win only.  The stake for each race were level stakes 5pts.

Betting Bank 2

Again I used level stakes of 5pts but in this case I bet each way only.

So onto the results for the trial period of 84 days:

Total bets                   89

Wins                           34

Losses                        53

Broke Even                 2

Total Points Staked    445

Strike Rate                 38.20 %

R.O.I.                          42.47%

(Both banks combined)

Betting Bank 1 at end of Review:

Start Balance: 100 Pts

Final P/L:   75.79 Pts

Final Balance: 175.79 Pts

Betting Bank 2 at end of Review:

Start Balance: 100 Pts

Final P/L:   113.19 Pts

Final Balance: 213.19 Pts

Below I will give you a break down of my conclusions of the Service to provide my reasoning of the overall rating.


Based on my review period results representing roughly a quarter of a year (going on 21 betting days on average a month)  you could expect an annual profit of around 755.92 points.  Here are a few examples of what the estimated profit would be for a year on my results:

£1 per point: £755.00

£5 per point: £3775.00

£10 per point: £7550.00

So betting £5 per point you would be betting £25 per race and on the staking plans I used you would need two betting banks of £500 pounds each to generate a yearly profit of approximately £3775.00.  Over £300 a month not to shabby.  Of course you could use compounding to alter the results, different staking plans etc.  It’s worth remembering to produce these results I bet very cautiously and often applied the Auto Bet Wins plan to races but then did not bet if the figures did not come out favorably.   If a follower of this system bet in every race they applied the ratings to they may come out with very different results.

Profitability rating 4 out 5

Operating the service

There is no doubt in my mind that this system will point you towards value bets on occasions and any bets you place from following this system will be based on fairly sound reasoning.  Having used the system for some time now I think PDF is certainly open to subjective interpretation.   I think at the very least a Novice Punter would find it both very time consuming (at first) and problematic in interpreting some of the guidelines relating to certain categories.   It took me on average 45mins to apply these ratings to one race (on average of 8 runners).  To rate lots of races or races with large fields would be very time consuming.  My main worry is that differing views on how you apply the ratings would result in very different final ratings.   That said the system is basically sound in that it is applying numerical values to the race card data.  Any form student would be able to recognize some merits to this system.

Operating the service rating 1 out of 5

Return on Investment

Based on my review staking plans here are some examples of estimated return on investment for the quarterly review period:

£1 per point:  Staked £445.00 to win £188.00 (£5 per bet)

£10 per point: Staked £4450 to win £1889.80 (£50 per bet)

It’s fair to say my review has produced an excellent return on investment at over 42%.  The problem is replicating these figures as stated above in Operating the Service.

Return on Investment rating 3.5 out of 5.


Risk was never much of an issue using my staking plans during the review.  The worst position either of the Betting Banks were in was a percentage loss of less than 11%.   I was effectively betting 1/20th of my betting bank on each selection  which is hardly over cautious staking.

Risk rating 4 out of 5

Support and Documentation.

Support wise I can only state there is no attached contact details of the vendor in the PDF and that the support link on the sales page does not work, make of that what you will.   Although there is a money back guarantee of 60 days.  As I have mentioned already in operating the system I didn’t find operating the system that easy but my interpretations of the rules of the PDF certainly produced good results.  I would be happy to answer on questions on this as best as I can from anyone who has purchased the system.

Support and Documentation rating 2 out of 5

Therefore the overall rating for Auto Bet Wins based on my conclusions averages out at 3 out of 5.


Sgt Howard reviewing Auto Bet Wins

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