Bankers Bonus Final Review


28 February 2014



Sgt Accent Reviews Bankers Bonus


Welcome to my final review of Banker Bonus. This service is about finding value in horse racing bet. After 84 days the P/L is -14.97 point, ROI -4.8% , from a total of 161 tips. I decided to extend the service to 90 Days because one or two wins can change the 100 loosing tips . After 90 Days final P/L is +3.43 points , ROI 1.1 % with Strike rate 23.66% (including e/w bets) after 169 tips.

Profit of 3.43 points after 90 Days is not much and it would require high stakes to cover the monthly fee £47 . So my Final conclusion is I am NEUTRAL about this service.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Accent Reviews Bankers Bonus