Bet Alchemist Final Review


Bet Alchemist Received Rating: ★★★★½

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Sgt David Reviews Bet Alchemist


This is a BACK system with selections primarily on Saturdays and additional tips during the week and major festivals.

There may also be the occasional Ante-Post tip.

A one month trial is available at £15 , thereafter the standard rate is £30 + VAT.

There is also an option for a quarterly subscription at £79 + VAT.

In either case a 60 day full refund is offered if you feel the service is not for you.

Selections will normally be on members’ page of website about 10.00. An email will be sent to advise that the site has been updated. There is usually a note to say when to expect the next update too.

I have reviewed the service for 12 weeks and my findings can be found below.

There have been 129 tips ( excluding non runners and Ante-Post bets with non-runner no bet terms ).

Of these tips , 19 have won , 24 have been placed and showing a profit with one more breaking even.

In percentage terms that is 14.73% winners and a further 18.60% of bets showing a profit. With one bet breaking even , that left just under 66% of bets with no return.

Profit to recommended staking is 34.70 pts and to level stakes 36.70 pts. Unfortunately due to a slight programming error on my part the LSP shows 2 pts less throughout.

As mentioned earlier in the review , I have taken the price quoted as generally available on the emails I received rather than the best price if this was only available in one place or was too far out of line with other prices that it may not be available by the time you try.

For this reason my figures are representative of a minimum profit and some followers would undoubtedly fare better than the results I show.

David decided at the start of the review to use a 50 point bank at £100 a point. According to a recent survey conducted by yours truly. Most of our readers have between £500 – £2500 to invest. The figures below will represent £50 a point at 50 points. (£2500 start bank)


Start balance £2500.00

Total P/L  £1734.93

Final balance £4234.93


Start balance £2500.00

Total P/L  £1834.93

Final balance 4334.93

Of the 129 bets , 127 were at standard stakes with just 2 at double stakes making a total of 131 pts invested. This gives a very healthy ROI of 26.48% ( 26.90% at level stakes ).

Taking the monthly subscription at £30 , a relatively small stake of £2.50 per point would be required to cover the fee. Using the quarterly option this drops to about £2 per point.


With the selection email arriving at around 10.00 a.m. this service may not be suitable for those who could not access a computer at that time on Saturday or Sunday. Only a few selections during the week at major festivals may be missed if unable to access emails during the week. The mails seemed to arrive punctually so there was no need to keep checking the inbox.

During the trial all bets were win or each way singles , but looking through historic results there have been some multiples too. This makes following the selections a stress free operation.

We needed to contact the supplier on one occasion with a query over a quoted price. This was immediately acknowledged as a genuine error , something we accepted as there has been no attempt to hide bad results.


As far as rating the product is concerned , both higher staked horses lost and there was a slight loss on the Ante-Post selections but once again the sample was too small to be representative.

Working mainly at the mid range of prices for each way bets means that results will not be constant but the trial did reflect the pattern of past results quite well.


A profit with an excellent ROI was achieved during the trial. Coupled with this reflecting past results quite well is good and supports the theory that this should be profitable going forward too. Rating: ★★★★½


There is an easy to follow email advising when the web site has been updated with the day’s selections when there are any. This arrives at a fairly uniform time and all that is required is to place the bet. It will advise best prices , where to look and what terms should be expected. Most will be Best Odds Guaranteed but sometimes this is passed over when special terms are offered by the specified bookie(s). Rating: ★★★★★


Due to the nature of the selections ( often 10/1 to 20/1 in big handicaps ) there will be losing runs like I found at the start and end of the trial. On the plus side it does not take many winners to turn it round. If able to accept the losing run then I am sure few would be disappointed with the overall performance.
Rating: ★★★½☆



This was excellent overall albeit running in cycles. During the trial this was over 26% and that was based on possibly adverse figures making this a minimum figure rather than a sales pitch type exaggerated one. Rating: ★★★★½


We got an immediate response and apology for the one slight error I noticed. As this possibly only affected us rather than all subscribers it confirmed the impression that this was a generally well run outfit. Each email does carry a notification of when to expect the next one so no need to keep eyes glued to the computer. Rating: ★★★★★


Access to emails and / or the web site during the morning is essential. Some tips are posted the day before along with an occasional Ante-post venture.

The trial averaged about 11 bets per week but these were concentrated at weekends and festivals.

Even so , instructions and staking were clear and bets could therefore be identified immediately and placed with little difficulty. To take advantage of all the B.O.G. many accounts would be required. This was one factor in the odds shown in the trial differing from those one may witness on the site.Rating: ★★★★☆

Cumulative RATING

These are not statistic or system based tips but the work of one person analysing the races. Due to the potential of periods without a winner and the mid morning arrival of emails , this would not be suitable for all. The consistency of past results  , profitability , ROI and support can hardly be faulted.

Rating: ★★★★½

I decided before commencing the review that I would be better placed to give an unbiased view if I was not financially involved.

The highest recommendation that I can give this product is that I have regretted making that decision!

Thank you for your time and I hope you have enjoyed reading the review as much as I have compiling it.

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Sgt David Reviews Bet Alchemist