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7th January 2014


Sgt Liam – Reviews Bookmaker Insider

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Welcome to the final review of Bookmaker Insider. (B.I.)

Having come to the end of the review of B.I. i have to say that i am mightily disappointed that the service did not live up to it’s promises. The launch of this service was widely touted as ” The biggest yet of 2013 “ & was surrounded with much hype. Who wouldn’t want to be sent  tips directly from some-one on the inside of the bookies who was going to tell us which races the bookies feared most & which horses the bookies didn’t want us to bet on because these bets gave us, the punter, the edge we have so long been seeking. Well after 2 months of following these daily tips let’s see what happened:

Of the 56 days the breakdown of winning & losing days was as follows:

Winning Days   16

Losing Days     36 

And there were a couple of days when there were non runners or even 1 day abandoned which resulted in no bets that day. 

Now this wouldn’t be too bad if the winning days were bigger than the losing days but sadly this was not the case as our bank shows:

Starting Bank  100 points

After 56 days   70 points

So a loss of 30% of my bank & at one point the bank was as low as 62 points & was only ever in profit for a total of 3 days.

When you add the cost of the service at £56.40 pm (inc vat), you can see that it is very difficult to classify this review as anything other than a fail.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Liam Reviews Bookmaker Insider