Cashflow Football Final Review

13th February 2014


Sgt Liam Reviews Cashflow Football


Welcome to my final review of Cashflow Football.

Firstly, a huge apology to BST & it’s readers for the delay, because of illness i have been out of action for the last few weeks. So on to the final review.

I’m going to come straight to the point & award Cashflow Football a neutral rating.

I reviewed CF  for almost 3 months & in that time you can see from my daily reviews that the system just about broke even, but with the cost of £70 for the manual taken into account that would have meant a loss. However, that doesn’t tell the full story.

There are guidelines in the manual as to match selection but these guidelines allow a huge number of games to be traded & so some-one else could have achieved very different results to me over the same period depending on which games they focused on & i did narrow down the perameters early in the review when it was going through a rough spell.

I owe a lot to CF, as when i started the review i was something of a novice at trading games of football but after 3 months of applying the system to hundreds of games i have learnt a lot. The main thing i learnt, especially after speaking to other traders who do this for a living, is the risk reward ratio for the system is not something that many traders would entertain. A winning trade would return approx 50/60% of stake whereas a losing trade would cost between 2 or 3 x your stake. Fortunately there were many more winners than losers but not enough to realise a profit.

To sum up, i did enjoy using CF, but now feel that the system, as per the manual,  is too simplistic  to be used to make a regular income from trading football. However with several tweaks i still use some of the information i gained, hence the neutral rating.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review. 

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Sgt Liam Reviews Cashflow Football