Doug McKenna Racing Backing Final Review

1st June 2017

Doug McKenna Racing Lays

Sgt Paul – Reviews Doug McKenna Racing Backing

Sgt Paul here and it’s now been 6 months since I posted my final review. This service has proven itself over the long term going from strength to strength and has turned into one of the most profitable services we have reviewed. Not very often services are awarded 5 stars on our website.

I have concluded that Doug Mckenna’s Backing Service deserves 5 stars.

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All 5 Star services are continuously monitored and updated every 2-3 months so that we can be sure the service deserves its fantastic status.

Let’s first look at the performance during the initial review period which began on the 16th September 2016 and ended on 28th November 2016.

Start bank: 100.00
Finish Bank: 224.87

Review period
Profit: 124.87 points
Number selections: 172
Winners: 49
Strike rate: 28.49%

So it performed very well averaging 10.40 points profit per week.

Update 29th November 2016 to 31st May 2017

It’s been around 6 months since the review ended and so here is how Doug McKenna Racing Backs have done since then.

Start bank: 224.87 Points
Finish Bank: 320.17
Post review period
Profit: 95.30 points
Number selections: 504
Winners: 97
Strike rate: 19.25%

So looking at the overall period (38 weeks) Doug McKenna Backing service has made a profit of 201.49 points.

Start bank: 100.00
Finish Bank: 320.17
Profit: 220.17 points
Number selections: 676
Winners: 146
Strike rate: 21.60%

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

5stars All By The Book Review5stars All By The Book Final Review

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Sgt Paul Reviews Doug McKenna’s Racing Backing