Easy Lay Method Review Summary


This system has just three rules and you do not need to concern yourself with form, 
going, trainers, jockeys etc. The filters can be found on the Racing Post website without
having to be a subscriber which is a plus point. Alternatively, the author runs a selection
service for £25 per month which also includes the Easy Back Method and other system

Originally this was a system to be used in the win market , however the system is now
promoted as a laying system for the Betfair Place Market and this is how I trialled the
system for Betting System Truths.

After the two month trial, I’m sorry to advise that the system made an overall loss of 
– 12.24  points to level stakes and  – 21.39  points if laying to a fixed liability

Certainly there were some good days and profit but in the final two weeks or so, significant
losses meant that I can only recommend The Easy Lay Method is failed and jailed by
the Commissioner.

The basic stats are:

Total selections:  335

Winning lays:  146

Strike Rate:  43.58%

Average BSP:  1.93

Ave losing BSP:  1.79

BSP required to break even at strike rate:  1.73


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Sgt Jon