Elite Ratings System Final Review



Sgt Accent Reviews Elite Ratings System


Welcome to my final review of Elite Rating Systems . This service is a regular horse tipping  send by email every day (except Sunday) with selection to win or Each way . After 56 days the P/L is -4.07 point, ROI -0.5% , from a total of 413 tips.  So because the fluctuation was not to high we decided to give it a chance and extend it to 84 days the P/L is -5.56 point, ROI -0.7% , from a total of 652 tips. It did not improve at all, may be the tipster have bad luck in this three months review. But I don’t think It will improve much in long term

In the middle of this ‘crisis” the tipster try to split the tipping service with another tipping service “HQ Insider” Which the subscriber of Elite Rating System could have free for 10 Days. The results is not so bad 10 points with 12 % ROI from 17 picks but only for two weeks and after that it split from “Elite Rating System” so isn’t included included in this review.

My Final decision is based from what happen in the 84 days active review time. From the final result it is a failed service!

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Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Accent Reviews Elite Ratings System