Dream lays – Final Review


Dream lays – Final Review

dream lays

Well, this should come as no surprise, that dream lays is placed in the failed section, but first let us remind us what the Dream lays service is about.

Dream Lays is, unsurprisingly, a laying service.

The dream lays service only seeks to ‘play’ when the odds of recommended horses fall into certain odds parameters, as follows. There is a low range and a high range and, at the low end, dream lays subscribers would oppose horses priced between 5.9 and 7  on the exchanges. The high range is between 12 and 17  in Betfair terms.

Each day, there are around ten to twenty possible selections,sometimes more  and this is whittled down to roughly three to five daily after the odds consideration has been applied.

The selections are emailed out to you or you can go to the members section to access the selections, there were no problems on that account .

Dream Lays subscriptions are monthly, quarterly or annual, with a sliding scale of price depending on how long you sign up for. The monthly ticket is £59, the quarterly £139, and the annual price is £399.

The easiest way to use the dream lays service would be with a bot, where one would simply enter the horses and the ranges and allow nature to take its course. Though this was not reccommmended by the vendors.Failing that, there is a requirement to track the pre-race markets to check the odds. In fact, there is a slightly bigger  problem than that.

It is recommended that dream lays subscribers back horses only where their Betfair SP resides within a certain range. Unfortunately, the actual Betfair SP is not known until after the race has started. Consequently, it is quite possible to occasionally bet horses outside of the range when your bot or your judgment ,says the horse will be within the Betfair SP scope.This is where I had a big problem with this service, even if it had returned decent profits you were never going to achieve the same results as advertised.

Going back to results while Aug was pretty decent with over 30 pts , September was a totally nightmare to pardon the pun, over 100 pts down at one stage , how could the average punter recover from that?

Oct is a strange one , while I showed a profit of over 15 Pts (up to Sat 23rd) the dreamlays showed a loss of over 18 pts .Why was this?

To be honest I made some mistakes myself  I left 3 winning selections and losing  selection which made a difference of minus  3.3 pts

but this is where I am confused and you can make of it what you will, there were 7 more selections of which 3 were losing bets at the odds of 6.56, 14.31 and 6.2, these were 100% not in the emails that I recieved and this only came to light when dreamlays published there results at the end of the month, strange!

So there you have it, a loss of over 40 pts ( my results ) and aloss of over 70 pts there own results, nothing else for it but to put dream lays in the failed section

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Brendan – Reviews Dream Lays

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    Hi Spazzing
    Sgt Tony will be reviewing Dreamlays again starting 1st July so we will get the full rundown from him over the review period whether the service has improved or not.

  • Spazzing says:

    This is no surprise!
    There’s comments all over betting forums on people who have signed up for dreamlays and have come a cropper.
    Let face it, we would all be millionaires if there were such good tipping services out there like dreamlays. If any one is thinking of joining at £59 a month……think again.