Fold4Gold – Review Summary

05 August 2012


Fold4Gold – Review Summary


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At last here is the final review summary of Fold4Gold. Many apologies for not posting this earlier but sometimes other commitments get in the way. This is a backing tipster service from the Betfan stable and whilst the 56 day review ended with nearly 60% of the bank wiped out, the service does make it clear on the sales website that this is a fun service where you receive accumulator type bets on long shots hoping for that massive jackpot win to come home.

Fold4Gold is competitively priced at just £19.99 for a four week subscription and the daily email tips arrived promptly with very clear and easy to understand bets and recommended stakes. The sales page states “just one successful bet can pull in a year’s worth of profits”. This statement is one which I uncannily sense will come true and probably more than once a year. Bets recommended included horse racing, golf, football and cricket. The vast majority of bets were doubles, trebles, yankees, Lucky 15, reverse forecasts, placepots and Scoop6. On a couple of occasions, we came close to picking up on placepots with just one runner spoiling the party.

So, whilst Fold4Gold won’t bring you consistent profits on a month to month basis, there is a chance that one or two bets will add ridiculous profits to the bank to compensate for the long losing streaks. Indeed, the Betfan proofing page shows that Fold4Gold secured a net 304 points in the last six months!

My heart says to recommend that Fold4Gold is put in the neutral category as the sales site makes it clear that there will be long losing streaks and that the service is primarily for fun and entertainment. However, my head says a loss of 60% of the bank in the two month review is unlikely to be well received by BST members and so I recommend Fold4Gold is FAILED.

Opening bank 500 points

Closing bank  + 206.74 points

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