Neutral Pending Further Review

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Hi Bloggers,

Unfortunately the review has to be shelved until the start of next season.  We will pick up from where we left off at that time.  Martin had stated previously that Footballing Prophets may send selections out for Australian soccer matches in the closed UK season.

Footballing Prophets have not decided to go ahead with that idea and have chosen to continue to test their theories which will hopefully result in Australian selections being sent out at the end of next season.

I have therefore decided to suspend the review with the label of Neutral pending further trial.  The service has been reviewed for 69 days since 8th March 2010.  It is not able to satisfy the full trial period of 84 days.  So even though the results have not lived up to expectations, it would not be proper to fail it at this stage without giving it the full attention it deserves.

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Ian Morris