Form Finder Pro Appraisal

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After some discussion and deliberation with the Betting System Guru, we have decided that it would not be practical to review Form Finder Pro over a 56 day period, as there are simply too many variables to make it a feasible option and to evaluate a profit or loss.

However, there are a great many plus factors with Form Finder Pro for $10 (approx £7).   The ratings  do provide winners and lay bets with the added bonus of forecast betting, you can also use the Form Finder Pro system for place betting.

My suggestion is that you can use this Form Finder Pro software to rate races and make your own decisions.

Personally, I would use Form Finder Pro for lay betting as the negative rated horses do seem to lose consistently, but Iwould limit the lay price to a maximum of 5.5 on Betfair, if you go above this figure that’s up to you, but the losses could be higher and recovering your bank will take longer!   The other option that I would favour is forecast betting, this is more of a low risk higher reward ratio, but don’t expect every race to produce a forecast.

On Saturday 2 October, I did rate some of the qualifying races with the following results achieved.

245 redcar  – Not first and second in the betting, but a reverse forecast as follows:

kiwi bay       2nd rated won  5/1
charlie cool   Top rated 2nd 10/1

Rev F/C £55.36

nmkt 300
Highest rated negative  Seta -12       finished 9th

nmkt 415  wafeira      negative rated   lowest price   8th 13/2

nmkt 205
resurge top rated won 11/4

Epsom 1550

Time to Work Won 7/2   2nd rated
One Luck Lady 2nd 8/1  top rated

Reverse  Forecast   £31.44

Epsom 310 Top Rated –  Missionaire W 4/1

Eps 535 Lowest Priced Negative –  Lay  Amber Sunset Finished 2nd

Now admittedly this is only a small selection for the Form Finder Pro software, however there are many ways Form Finder Pro can be used and it is a mechanical process (no emotion required!).  It can be used to assist your selections in conjunction with another system you may use.

This is my own personal opinion, but I will continue to use the Form Finder Pro software to rate races and make my own decisions regarding lay bets, forecasts I will go with the ratings.

Just one note regarding comments on the blog, I have not had any problems with loading or using the Form Finder Pro software and not a virus in sight.

I think that the Form Finder Pro software would be a good addition to any betting portfolio and is a snip at $10 (£7), however. I have no idea how long this price will last.

I am keeping my copy, it’s up to you if you want to risk £7 or not.

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Sgt Philip Reviews Form Finder Pro