Format Racing Method- Final Review

Format Racing Method

Hi Bloggers,

So my 2nd failure of the week comes in the form of the ‘Format Racing Method’.

I’m afraid the writing was on the wall for the Format Racing Method as early as the first

week and at no time during the trial has this system EVER been in profit.

The figures speak for themselves, with a starting bank of 100 pts, we have

reached a P/L figure of  -66.33 pts after 56 days. Not quite losing our bank,

but certainly heading that way.

Now I will again state that my figures were based on BSP and NOT on the ‘live’

prices just before the start of the race so there may well be certain differences

small or large between my figures and those who may have been betting ‘live’.

Since I have had no comments or feedback from the author or anyone else for

that matter, I will assume that my figures are approximately correct.

There may well be something in the Format Racing Method even though it has proved unsuccessful

this time around. A more detailed analysis of which types of races have been

winning and which have been losing may provide some hope for future trials,

but that is for the Format Racing Method author to decide upon or anyone else who may have the dedication

or inspiration to try to make something of the Format Racing Method.

So for the time being the ‘Format Racing Method’ is duly placed in

the ‘Failed’ section.

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All the best,

Tommy – Reviews Format Racing Method