Free Profits – Review Summary


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Well, all good things must come to an end, so they say, but this system can hardly be described as good in the 56 days that we have reviewed it. Their website makes some solid claims that are all proofed to Racing Index, so I am sure that they are correct. We can only judge the system on the 56 days of our review and those are the hard facts that I shall deal with. The authors may just be unlucky  with the timing of our review, as their posted results are as follows:

January ’09 +£ 1,868.00
February ’09 +£ 1,675.00
March ’09 +£ 715.00
April ’09 +£ 2,344.40
May ’09 +£ 1,817.00
June ’09 +£ 1,127.00
July ’09 +£ 686.00
August ’09 £ 1,171.00
September ’09 +£ 4,191.00
October ’09 £ 3,207.00
November ’09 +£ 977.00
December ’09 £ 1,241.00
January ’10 +£ 1,069.00
February ’10 +£ 2,126.00
March ’10 £ 67.00
April ’10 + £ 5,492.00
May ’10 £ 5,014.00
June ’10 £ 4,092.00

You can see that their own numbers show the month before our review as the best they have ever had, but their own results also show May and June as making large losses, so it is not just me and my review! Their website is at if you want to read their detailed claims for yourself.

The authors have always been forthright and honest in their communications to me, so I am happy to believe that we reviewed it a bad time for them, as borne out by their own results above.

We started the review with a bank of £1,000 laying £20 a point on any of the selections that fell within the odds range from 3/1 to 13/2. It was always my contention that 13/2 was too high for laying, but the authors say that lowering it did not significantly alter their results. For a large part of this review I showed otherwise, but their data is done over a much longer period than mine, so I will take their word for it. If I were going to use it long term I would definitely not lay at such high odds and found that an upper odds limit of 5/1 produced much better results for me.

We commenced the review on 1 May and by 18 May we were £421.40 or 21.40 points in profit. Just over a week later, by 26 May, we were showing a loss of -£121.60 or -6.08 points. Things then went slowly downhill and by 15 June we had cleared out the whole £1,000 bank that we started with and had a negative bank of £94.00 – a loss of £1,094.00 or 54.70 points at level stakes!

We did not really recover from that low point and we finished up the 56 day review period on 25 June 2010 with a negative bank of £713.40 which gave us a loss for the period of £1,713.40 or 85.67 points at level stakes.

Regardless of the claims made by the authors, this system has to be regarded as a failure on the evidence of our review and their own website’s published results for the review period. I have suggested to James and to the authors that I would be happy to do another review in the future to see if it was just bad luck.

To add insult to injury for the authors, the 2 days following the review produced 14 losers and NO winners, giving a profit for the two days of £280 or 14 points at level stakes! I will continue to monitor the results for a while to come and see what happens out of interest.

Until the next system review!

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