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Here follows the case for the prosecution:

Gamekeeper Turns Poacher is a laying system, well two actually! All selections recorded were those sent to me by the system author each day to prevent any ambiguity or errors on my part.

The e-book is presented as a Word document and not very well set out. However, the system rules for both systems are clearly set out with Racing Post visuals. You will need to subscribe to the Racing Post to obtain the necessary data to find qualifying selections which adds a further monthly cost to your investment.

System 1 looks at forecast favourites and system 2 at non favourites. Each system has 5 basic rules and also includes a list of courses to be wary of – presumably where the author has found the system does not work profitably.

Apart from the selection criteria, the main difference between the two systems is the recommended maximum lay price. For system 1 (favourites) this is 6.50 and for system 2 (non favourites) this is 10.0. However, part way through the trial the author changed the maximum price for system 2 following some poor results and said the maximum price should now be 7.50.

I fail to understand this change. In his introduction, the author states:

“This is a highly consistent system that generates steady profits.”

“I have operated this system for over 5 years and have yet to have a losing month”.

If these statements are true, why change the rules on the maximum price for system 2 just because of a few bad results? Surely his 5 years experience would have shown that the system recovers from a poor run, especially as he has never had a losing month??

The trial was extended for two months (60 days) in view of the bad weather in January with many race meetings cancelled. The trial statistics show:

Days when selections were provided: 29

Total selections that qualified on max price rule at BSP: 52

Successful winning lays: 38

Strike Rate: 73%

Average BSP: 6.20

Average Losing Bet BSP: 5.12

Break even maximum BSP for strike rate: 3.57

Profit/Loss: – 17.05 points

The system finished each month with a loss ( – 11.79 points after first 30 days) so maybe the author should consider revising his bold claim that he has never had a losing month in 5 years!!

I really cannot see there is any long term profitability with this system and recommend it is jailed indefinitely.

Sgt Jon