Global Soccer Goals Final Review

13th March 2014


Sgt Jack Reviews Global Soccer Goals

Product Outline

Global Soccer Goals is a football betting system. It revolves around simple criteria for selecting qualifying matches, followed by betting on certain correct scores in these matches.

The author says this system can be applied to any league, and suggests operating a 50 point bank for each league, with 5 points bet on each qualifying match.

The system is delivered as an exe file which means it will only run on Windows machines – this is not a program that places bets for you, it is an e-reader program with embedded content, you have to select and place the bets yourself. Global Soccer Goals costs £89.97 usually, but at the time of writing is available for £69.97, payable via PayPal. There is no money back guarantee.

In the review period

Total number of qualifying matches – 79
Number of winning bets – 48
Number of losing bets – 31
Strike rate – 60.8%

Starting bank per league 50 points

Final banks:

  • Champions League: 32.5 (-17.5)
  • Europa League: 54 (+4)
  • England (Premier League): 40.5 (-9.5)
  • France (Ligue 1): 89 (+39)
  • Germany (Bundesliga): 67 (+17)
  • Italy (Serie A): 71 (+21)
  • Netherlands (Eredivisie): 39 (-11)
  • Portugal (Liga ZON Sagres): 44.5 (-5.5)
  • Scotland: 76 (+26)
  • Spain (Liga BBVA): 54 (+4)
  • Brazil (Serie A): 45 (-5)

Total starting bank to cover all leagues: 550 pts
Total profit/loss across all leagues: +62.5 pts
Points staked: 395
ROI: 15.8%

Longest losing run: 5
Longest winning run: 9

The offer cost of the product is £69.97. To recover this cost you would have needed to use just over £1 stakes during the trial period.


The system itself couldn’t be simpler to operate. A quick scan of the fixture lists and you can place your bets simply and easily. Opportunities don’t crop up every day, but they did average about one a day over the review period.


The 15.8% ROI over the review period was impressive. The strike rate was slightly higher than even the author’s expectations, so it may be that the ROI would not remain quite as high over a longer period, but the return here was very good.

Rating: ★★★★½

Ease of use

It’s a simple system which you will get the hang of in a matter of minutes. My only slight quibble is the author’s idea that a separate bank is used for each league. I found this a bit of a pain to track (and made one or two errors over the period, not in the bets, but in the recording). I can’t personally see any real need to do this, and would think a lower starting bank (perhaps 100 points) would be adequate if lumping all the fixtures together.

Rating: ★★★★☆


There is little risk to the system, flat stakes are used (which could be dutched if preferred) and the likelihood of long losing runs is very low.

Rating: ★★★★★

Return on investment

As mentioned, the ROI over the review period was 15.8%, which is very good for such a low risk system.

Rating: ★★★★★

Support and documentation

The product is delivered as a a Windows executable (and I believe an android app now). It’s not a betting program as such, merely an e-reader with the documentation embedded. This is a bit of a clunky way of delivering content, but I can see why the author uses it to protect his product from duplication and distribution. I received an activation key in timely fashion, but did not try out the support in any other way.Rating: ★★★★☆

Time needed to apply the system

Very little time is needed to scan an odds comparison site, find qualifying fixtures, and place your bets. What is more, I found it possible to place my bets any time within the two days leading up to kick-off, meaning the system is convenient for anyone who is not able to be at the computer at set times.

Rating: ★★★★★


A simple, easy to use system that delivered results during the review period. I was somewhat sceptical when I first read the documentation that this relatively straightforward method would work, but it has clearly been well researched and proofed. The author’s results over a much longer period suggest a good consistent long term ROI can be achieved with Global Soccer Goals.

Our Overall Is Rating: ★★★★½

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Jack Reviews Global Soccer Goals