Goliath Goals Gain Final Review

03 March 2015

Goliath Goals Gain


Sgt Accent – Reviews Goliath Goals Gain

Goliath Goals Gain revolves around simple criteria for selecting qualifying matches, followed by betting on certain correct scores in these matches. And everyone should get the same selections no ambiguity in the results.

The author applied this system  to English  league ( EPL, Championship, league1 and league 2) plus Spanish La liga and German Bundesliga 1 , suggests operating a 50 point bank for each league, with 5 points bet on each qualifying match. So we play in 6 leagues with total starting bank 300 points.

Winningmore (wm) claim some pretty impressive results for Goliath Goals Gain over the 2013/14 season.

First of all, they say they bet 229 matches over 10 months.

At £5 a game (and just £1 per bet), the overall profit was reportedly £1,127.

They report a profit on 21% of matches, with payouts of up to £170 for the £5 invested.

We do the same bet 5 point a game ( just 1 point per bet) for 12 weeks (3 months) ,73 games, the strike rate 22% (match the wm result) . But the ROI only -8% , overall P/L -28 point from 300 points bank it drop to 272 points.

May be in this 12 weeks review not many underdog teams win and not so many games were played because of new year break  so the result is not as good as the WM result. We only do this review for 12 weeks so based on the result only this system is Failed .

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Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Accent Reviews Goliath Goals Gain