Graeme Murray’s Gold Lays Final Review

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Graeme Murrays Gold Lays passes its review with a score of 4 out of 5 stars.

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This is RM Dave once again sorry for the late posting of this Final Review for Graeme Murrays Gold Lays, but as I am sure you are all aware by now of the problems that led to this delay. Just to clear up Graeme Murrays Gold Lays has absolutely nothing to do with a another product called Gold Lays that was exposed as scam back in April 2010; Graeme was a former BST reviewer although we shall not hold that against him (lol).

Right onto the serious matter of the review of Graeme Murrays Gold lays, well this one has given me a right headache if I take the results from September 26th to December 18th this would be a 4.5 star or even 5 star straight away even though it only made 10.48 points profit. If you look at the stats  below you can see why:

Review Period Breakdown

  Plan A   Plan B
Selections 18   8
Winners 16   7
Strike Rate 90%   87.50%
Profit plus 10.48 points   plus 4.78 points
Return on Liability 21.50%   33.19%
Return on Investment 58.22%   59.75%
Average Price of Selection 3.708   2.8
Average Price of Loser 3.36   2.935
Longest Winning Run 14   7
Longest Losing Run 1 (twice)   1

Now if a lay system gives a ROL of between 9 to 10% this is considered to be very good indeed, I only had 18 selections to go on for Plan A over a 3 month period we all well aware of how messed up racing was in December due to the weather but even then the number of selections was well down on previous periods if we look at the averages for the 6 previous years:

Previous Years

  Year Total Bets Winning Bets Losing Bets Strike Rate Points Profit
  2004 147 119 28.00 80.95% 29.40
  2005 153 117 36.00 76.47% 30.60
  2006 192 147 45.00 76.56% 38.40
  2007 146 113 33.00 77.40% 29.20
  2008 156 118 38.00 75.64% 31.20
  2009 180 148 32.00 82.22% 36.00
Average   162.33 127 35.33 78.21% 32.47

So looking at the number of selections for a year average it would be over 13 per month so we were way short of that also other figures were a lot less than we achieved during this review of Graeme Murrays Gold Lays . So the only fair way to get a better idea of the real figures was to calculate 2010 as a whole and see what was the outcome here are the stats for the whole of 2010:

2010 Breakdown

  Plan A   Plan B
Selections 132   20
Winners 108   18
Strike Rate 81.81%   90.00%
Profit plus 35.92 points   plus 13.23 points
Return on Liability 9.35%   34.50%
Return on Investment 27.21%   66.15%
Average Price of Selection 3.91   2.92
Average Price of Loser 3.78   2.935
Longest Winning Run 15 (twice)   11
Longest Losing Run 2 (three times)   1(twice)

The figures now begin to look a bit more normal although Plan B is still high this one only started operating from the middle of August 2010. All the figures for the other years are based on Plan A now in January 2011 the Graeme Murrays Gold Lays software had a very poor month but even then when combined with 2010 figures it still returned respectable totals as shown.

2010 Results plus January 2011

  Plan A   Plan B
Selections 146   25
Winners 115   19
Strike Rate 78.77%   76.00%
Profit plus 24.29 points   plus 7.3 points
Return on Liability 5.69%   15.56%
Return on Investment 16.63%   29.20%
Average Price of Selection 3.92   2.876
Average Price of Loser 3.77   2.79
Longest Winning Run 15 (twice)   11 (once)
Longest Losing Run 2 (six times)   4(once)

So I think I have to look at putting everything together to make a decision it’s a bit like very good, good and very ugly(January) also I not sure if this would appeal to some people because of the lower points profit per month and also being selective but the facts are it is a very low risk lay system with short losing runs. So what is Graeme Murrays Gold Lays? Well it is piece of software that you  can download once you have unzipped it just press start button and it will tell you the possible selections for the day, you then use the simple rules from Plan A and Plan B to get the selection. The downside with Plan A is you would need to watch the live betting with Plan B you could set it up to work on Betfair or a bot if you already have one so you would not need to be at the computer. The good news is the price it only costs 45 pound for a lifetime license this is as per the operator who I found to be most helpful in answering my e-mails. I have been using the Graeme Murrays Gold Lays software for a while with no problems no qualifying selections as yet for February.


I am going to award Graeme Murrays Gold lays 4 stars it could maybe even be awarded more but I know this will not suit everyone because of its selective nature and the fact that it only returns a few points profit average profit per month. But certainly it has many good points and they are: Low cost, low lay odds, short losing spells and the software is very easy to use and the rules for both Plans are very simple too. I am sure that you could maybe utilise some of sort of staking plan to enhance the profits as it already makes a level stakes profit anyway. I did try using a simple 1,2 and 3 points staking plan on the full 2010 results and was able to return a profit of 72.53 points for Plan A and for Plan B a 22.56 points profit. Basically I staked 1 point on a selection if it is a winning lay I then stake 2 points on the next and if that is a winning lay the next stake is 3 points, win or lose revert back to 1 point after this, if you get a loser during the sequence revert back to 1 point. That was just an experiment I am sure that there are better staking plans out there that could be utilised, anyway I am going to keep using Graeme Murrays Gold Lays software as it is easy to use and given if I have time look at ways to enhance the profits even further.

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