Greyhound Tipster Final Review

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Hi Bloggers,

So the end of the 56 day trial and unfortunately I have to give the big red sign

above to Greyhound Tipster.

We ended the trial with figures of  – 48.60 pts for the system as a whole which

includes the GHT, GHTB and GHTL selections combined. The fact that the GHTB

and GHTL selections mysteriously disappeared a few weeks back tells me that

the greyhound boys were in somewhat of a quandary as to how to proceed with

the service and I received no real explanation as to the why’s and wherefore’s

for this particular decision. In fact over the trial I received practically no feedback

from the authors on what they were doing. A definite minus point there to

go with the minus figures. The only plus was the fact that when the GHTB selections

stopped, they were in fact at + 15 odd pts, so maybe this could be the way to go

for future versions of the system. Unfortunately I am only reviewing the system

as a whole and not individual parts, so as a whole it just didn’t ‘cut the mustard’

as they say.

Keep trying guys and see what you can come up with for our little 4 legged friends!

All the best, Tommy.