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This is my final review of Lay The Ratings.

I want to start by saying that I have Passed Lay The Ratings and It becomes 1 in only 3 systems/services to make the grade at the moment. As you know we regularly update our categories so that there is never stale information on the blog.

Our trial started on the 24th January this year and has now ended on the 24th April which means out test lasted 90 whole betting days.

We received 430 selections by email and from those we had 355 winning selections. So the strike rate was 82.56% overall for the trial.

The average price that we layed at in the trial was 6.59 BFSP (Betfair SP) based on 430 selections. This in my opinion comes under the category of a safe laying formula.

The Return on Investment when calculated to your total outlay is not actually that bad, but I am not doing cartwheels at 11% . Do not let this obscure the final outcome though as this does not tell the full story. Although the ROI is 11% for total outlay this is just a figure touted in comparison to how much outlay you have had over the 3 months and I would have to say that this figure on this occasion is not that important.

The True ROI is what sort of bank size would have been needed to Truly make the decent money and I can say with a bank of £100 you would be now sitting on £143.56 this is a True Return on initial investment of 43.56%, do this 4 times a year to total 12 months and you are not doing to badly at all. The average punter that lays uses between a 500 – 1000 starting capital in my experience and the money you can make is detailed below for the various starting capitals.

£100 = £143.56

£300 = £430.68

£500 = £717.80

£1000 = £1,435.60

£2000 = £2,871.20

£5000 = £7,178

£10000 = £14,356

The author has asked if he can keep proofing his selections to me for the foreseeable future as it helps him to keep good track on his results and in doing so I will continue to keep a close eye on Lay the Ratings and further analysis will of course follow as it does with all passed systems/services.

Lay The Ratings gets the Big Thumbs up and I recommend it to blog readers

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