LayEzyfootball – Final Review Summary


Sgt Branko Reviews LayEzyFootball

Hi Bloggers,

It is time to wrap up this review.

LayEzy Football is laying tipping  service for 11 football leagues from Europe. The Lay betting expert behind this service is Neale Franklin who sends his lay betting tips by mail the day before match kick off.

After 12 weeks of follow-up LayEzyFootball tips that came from Neale;  I must conclude that this service is failed.

We  started this review with initial bank of 100pts with 3 pts per lay at level stake, but at the end of 12 weeks our 100pt starting bank is now on  84.79pts so a loss of 15.21 pts.

During the review; results were very different from one week to other . One week a small profit, the next week a loss and then again profits that covers the last week loss and so on.

Profits are very small but frequent but the losses are rare, although they can be substantial and that is the biggest problem in my opinion.

As far as the service itself ; is very professional, with no tips delays, with plenty of time before K.O. Analysis of the match was very good also.

I think the service could be profitable if Neale try to reduce the number of games, and threw out leagues such as Turkey, Portuguese or Greek league.

Start Bank:                        100.00 pts

After 12 weeks of review:   84.79 pts

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Sgt Branko Reviews LayEzyFootball