Laying Odds on Favourites Final Review

Rating: ★★★½☆

Hi Blogger’s

I have been reviewing this system for 84 days and it has made only 5.31 points to Level Stakes and 8.05 points to 5% Bank Liability so why am I passing it? If you go to the website it is performing exactly as it says it would. Let’s take a look at what the website says this is from the Blog Section:

“The “magic” of the Laying Odds on Favourites system really starts to happen once the bank begins to compound.”

“Unfortunately, this takes time, and it will be at least 3 or 4 more months before we start to notice a significant difference”

So let us look at my figures at the 56 day stage of the review:

Level Stakes = 1049.50 (1000 Starting Bank) = + 0.99 points

5% Bank Liability = 1033.52 (1000 Starting Bank) = + 0.67 points

Well that’s pretty unimpressive stuff now let us see the final figures Day 84:

Level Stakes = 1265.50 (1000 Starting Bank) = + 5.31 points

5% Bank Liability = 1402.64 (1000 Starting Bank) = + 8.05 points

Now that is better and that was after 12 weeks so we were approaching the 3 months stage when as per the comment on LOF site we should start to see a significant difference. Moving forwards to another comment posted on the site:

“Slow though it is, LOF is incredibly low risk, and we are making gradual profits”.

So one way to judge low risk would be to see what strike rate it has got, longest losing runs, how many points lost to counter the longest winning run and points gained.

Selections 60/ 31 Winning Lays = 51.68% Strike Rate

Longest Losing Run 3 (3 times) points lost = 2.06, 2.97 and 2.79.

Longest Winning Run 4 (2 times) points won = 3.80 (twice)

The points above are to Level Stakes but once again illustrates that the comments on the website are correct, losing runs are small, winning runs are small because you are dealing with Laying odds on favourites it is to be expected, the average odds of All Selections was 1.84, for Losing Lays it was 1.83 and for Winning Lays it was 1.84. The overall Strike rate is slightly down at 51.68% from the average of 53%, the number of selections per month is also down at 20 per month when the norm is 25 to 30.

This service or system runs on a Bot you are not given the system rules they are built into the LOF Bot, itself. A couple of times in the first month  I experienced problems with the LOF Bot but since then everything has been running fine. Now cost wise this is not cheap if you subscribe on a repeat monthly it will cost you 67 pounds per month, the cheapest way is to take out a yearly subscription the cost 497 pounds working to 41.40 pounds per month.

LOF is most certainly not for everyone it really is a long term project at least to 9 to 12 months, the recommendation of the author/operator is you have a bank risk of whatever amount you can afford and forget about it for 12 months. To my mind to make it profitable you would need to have a bank of at least 1000 pounds. Another thing a buyer of LOF would require is an abundance of patience and discipline; I had a run of 10 days without a selection, also you will get losing days, weeks etc even a month but I agree with Matt that this will be profitable long term.

In Summary

I have only given LOF a rating of 3 and a half stars because it is fairly expensive, does require a lot of patience and discipline and has a limited appeal. I have passed it because it makes a profit and does actually do what it says on the tin. If you are a serious backer and have a good size bank and you are looking for a long term venture then this could be for you. Just to add that to really have seen the true nature of LOF we would have had to run a review for 9 to 12 months which would have been impractical, if I had of put LOF into neutral and started a fresh in a couple of months it is near certain it would perform in exactly the manner it did here, it clearly takes time for the compounding to work.


Sgt Dave

Rating: ★★★½☆

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