Losing to Profit – Final Review

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              Here is my Final Review for Losing to Profit and i have decided  for the time being to place this in neutral and award 3 stars the reasons for this are stated below. This service has been a bit of enigma in the first two weeks of the trial it was 20 points down and looking a no hoper and by the 90th day it was 21.29 points up in theory you could say that it should have passed but around the 52nd day of the review the system operator done some tweaking of the method and since then its had 29 Winning Lays on the trot.  Also the average price of the losing lays only worked out at 4.64 BFSP  and the ROI is 23.65% now compare that with the previous years based on the LTP website figures:

  2004   – 7.31 ,  ROI  15.52%  ,      2005 – 7.02 ,  ROI 12.53 ,      2006 –  7.45 , ROI 13.86%,     2007 –  7.53  , ROI 19.03%,     2008 – 6.99 BFSP, ROI  9.89%,     2009 –  6.98 BFSP, ROI 8.48%     

  Note that 2009 only goes upto November 25th and of course there was no BFSP before 2008 but as you can see our review BFSP is alot less than previous years now is this a pure fluke?  and the ROI is over 4.5% higher than the best year 2007 now if this is a result of the extra tweaks  then we could have a makings of a real profitable service here but i have only had 38 days of the improved selections so i cannot make a concrete judgement  based on that period. The operator of the service is most helpful and will send me his selections for a bit longer yet, this will at least give me a better idea so hopefully i can add an update to this review. Also i noticed that the number of selections had dropped with the improvements it could just be the time of year or the effect of the tweaks. I did notice that the LTP website results had not been updated since October 2009 and on all Results it only went upto November 25th 2009, i have been informed by the operator that he will be updating all the results and making some changes to the site. Currently e-mails are sent out at 11am or there abouts and a follow up e-mail is sent out around 15 minutes before racetime which is not that convenient, as i understand e-mails will be sent out the night before racing now. The operator is also looking at maybe getting software developed to allow the method to be used on a bot, this will obviously depend on the number of subscribers he has as to whether it would be a viable proposition. I think bloggers you can now see why i have put this into the neutral i hope to be able to add an extra piece to this report in around 4 weeks.

      As far as i know the maximum price of the lay will still  be 14.5 BFSP this kind of lay price may not be for everyone, thankfully winners at this price do not happen very often but we did get hit by a 13.79 winner in the first 15 days of the trial and it does take some clawing back. Looking at previous results this service could be abit of a roller coaster ride i see a couple of months with over 30 points losses and then winning months with several 30 plus point gains including a 51.75 point one but it does make a profit overall now whether the changes made in February will smooth out the extreme high and lows we will have to see. Anyway here are the stats for the review period:

 Selections 90, Winning Lays 76 = 86.65% Strike Rate,  Profit 21.29 points to 1 point stakes,  Return on Investment 23.65%,  Average Price of Loser 4.64 BFSP.

 The longest losing run was 2 and the longest winning run 29 during the review, this would give credibility  to the websites  claims of losing runs no longer than 3, and winning runs of over 30 plus fifteen times.   

    In conclusion we have a service that costs 37 pounds a month (Cheaper on yearly subscription), an operator that is helpful and answers e-mail promptly and potentially a very good lay service if the tweaked method  maintains anything like its present form. If the website is updated as promised, e-mails are sent out the night before and a bot could be developed to run the selections that would be useful too. Just to add that since the 90th Day trial ended on the 25th March upto April 7th there has only been 4 lays and all were winning ones for the service, now of course we are now crossing over to the flat season proper so that could be the reason for so few selections, i will continue to monitor for another 4 weeks at least and give an update here.

          Rating: ★★★☆☆

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       Sgt Dave